Pushing the RESET Button for a Healthy New Year


Happy New Year to All!

New year, new goals, new deadlines, new President, new worries. While this time of year is surely one of quiet reflection, it is often also a time for mounting angst. And while it is frequently a time for meaningless resolutions, it is also a good time to start new routines. How will you quell the new year’s jitters? How about trying a new, healthy routine?

I know, I know… you’ve tried the gym-twice-a-day routine, the eat-only-grass-clippings routine, the drink only water-cayenne pepper-and-lemon juice routine. They all failed, I know. So what about something different? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Set a positive tone for each day. Wake up each morning and recognize a gratitude or something (however small) that you are excited about.
  2. Healthier eating. Try eating one new healthy food each week – and eliminate one not-so-healthy food. What kind of healthy food? Peruse your local fresh produce aisle for ideas.
  3. Get outside everyday. Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride, walk your dog, breathe deep. Ever consider a walking meeting? Your brain works well on activity and fresh air. Try scheduling your next meeting as an outdoor walking meeting – minutes can be taken by dictation into a smartphone. Appropriate shoe wear is a must. Winter weather? No problem! Dress for it!
  4. Begin a mindfulness practice – start with 10 minutes a day. There are plenty of apps to keep you on track. Headspace is one I particularly like: https://www.headspace.com/
  5. Sleep. Get it. Enough of it. Simply put, your mind and body needs adequate rest each day to function well.
  6. Life gets tough sometimes. Have a pocketful of affirmations to get you through those times: I can do it! That’s an easy one. How about: I’ve been through tough times before and I always come out of it better than I went in. Or simply: All will be well. Maybe: What’s the worst that can happen? How about this one: I am so excited about this challenge!  – Your brain responds to affirmations, so give them a try.

Try choosing 1,2 or 3 of these ideas – or a few of your own. They may not change the deadlines or challenges, but they might just help you manage the stress a little better. You might even find you have more energy and hope – which can translate to greater productivity in work and more time for play. Even leaders need to push the RESET button from time to time. Let this be your time. Here’s to a year of inspired health!

Every day something more or less kills me with delight ~ Mary Oliver